A Birthday Wish That Can Change Destiny

| October 2, 2012 | 3 Replies

Last Saturday was my birf-day, and I got to spend it with 60 of the most amazing people on the planet.

As a side note, the party had a hat theme – which means we asked everyone to wear hats. I’ll post some pics later in the week, but it was pretty fabulous. Here’s one for starters:

Steven's Birthday Hat


One of my friends, Darren Hardy, couldn’t make it to the party, but sent me this short email that I’ll share with you:

Yooooo… Happy bday my brother!

This is it. 

First day… of the BEST year… of your life.

What two or three things whould have to happen this year to make it THE best year yet?

Think about it…

And then, after you recover from your party tonight, take action towards those things. It is within your grasp and power to do.

Have fun tonight.

Can’t wait to see what you do with the gift of this new year!


A simple few lines, but with powerful implications.

  • We have the ability to make change.
  • Think about it, decide what you want, and then take action.
  •  It is within our grasps to alter our outcome.

What’s incredible about these words is that for all of us, the first day of the BEST year of our lives can start ANY DAY WE CHOOSE!

We don’t have to wait for New Years.

We don’t have to wait for birthday’s.

We don’t have to wait for business to be going well.

We don’t have to wait for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We don’t have to wait for anything. We can simply decide.

And by deciding, we change destiny.


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  • TL Cooper

    First, an aside, you need to add “inspired” to your mood thingy… 🙂

    Now to the meat of your post… Maybe it has something to do with us both being Libras or sharing the same birth date, but your posts often resonate with what I’m focusing on in my own life… And, this one is no exception.

    I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions or thinking of a birthday as a day to “reset” my life. I’ve always felt that any day we decide to change, we have the power. And, it is our responsibility to take that power into our hands to exact the change we want in our lives! I totally agree that we must decide what we want, set an intention, and then take action!

    Thank you for sharing this…

    •  Thanks TL! I’ve also added “Inspired” to my moody bar!

      • TL Cooper