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Biggest Organic Search Opportunity Could Be On Page 2 of Google

By May 5, 2009September 13th, 2012At Work, Marketing

Here are a few search tips from the Search Analytics Conference in Tornonto.

  • Links on the first page of Google get clicked 45 times that of
    subsequent pages (93% of all clicks come from the first page). This is
    very important to remember as your biggest organic keyword
    opportunities are current rankings of 11-15
    . If you can do something to
    “bump” them up to the first page, chances are you will reap major
  • Walk in your customers’ shoes. Use your analytics pathing tools as
    a road map for a site visit; actually go through some of the common
    paths your users take to see load times, drop off points, obvious
    navigation issues, etc. Even try to spend the same minutes/seconds on
    each page as the users do.
  • In many multivariate tests, local phone numbers perform better than
    toll free ones. “800″ numbers perform better than other toll free
    numbers such as 866, 877, etc.
  • Good stat to remember: “89% of consumers research products online yet only 7% of sales happen online.” (Yahoo’s ROBO study)

Josh Dreller

is the Director of Media Technology for Fuor Digital, an agency concentrated in the research, planning, buying and stewardship of digital media marketing campaigns.

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