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Can’t Find What You Want on YouTube?

By September 5, 2007September 10th, 2012Web and Tech

"Browsing YouTube is like panning for gold dust in a shallow river of dung"
-Maxim Magazine August, 2007

I think Maxim may be a ‘bit’ over the top, but it’s always fun to quote them (…hey, I read just for the articles…)

Prediction for the future: YouTube has started a revolution that has finally caught on with middle America. For the first time, moms, kids, businesses, and everyone else can quickly learn to publish engaging video.

As more and more UGC (user generated content) floods YouTube, finding good, relevant video content will become more and more difficult. Sites like Blinx are focusing their efforts on becoming the Google of video. It’s a good idea.

This leaves a wide-open space for smaller, focused vertical sites to aggregate highly targeted and useful video content related around one subject matter. A vertical video site can identify the good content, tag it using long-tail wording, and make it more useful for a user who is looking for deep content.

An example would be guitar videos. It’s not just about "how to play Stairway to Heaven". It’s about trying to learn "how to properly incorporate triads into your electric guitar solo using hammer-ons". For most people, they won’t know what triads or hammer-ons are. But if you’re REALLY into learning guitar, not only will you know what these long-tail terms mean, you’ll be more apt to be loyal to a site that knows what they are as well.