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How To Blog More Frequently

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seth-godinI’m watching a video where Seth Godin is being interviewed by David Siteman Garland.

Seth is known for writing concise, meaningful blog posts every day (for the past 5 YEARS). Of course, I find this fascinating because sometimes I struggle with doing a couple a month.

DSG asked Seth about his methodology for blogging so often, and Seth gave the following tips:

1. First, just write how you talk. You never get talkers block, so if you just write how you talk, you’ll never get writers block. If you can say it out loud, you can write it down. Writers block happens when you think your writing is too important. Just be yourself.

2. If you learn to teach people, you will be come a better teacher (and thus, a better writer).

3. Be clear why you want to write. Seth does it because he wants to teach and share. If people come, great. If not, great. The reason he turned off his comments is because he doesn’t see upside of an anonymous heckler coming into his house and detracting value from other people.

4. Get comfortable with the fact that if you write, you will be criticized. The more you’re criticized, the more impact you’re probably having.

There are more nuggets in this interview, so I encourage you to head over to David’s site and watch it.

Then, say a few words, write them down, and go ahead and blog.