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Cool Travel Apps for your iPhone or Android

Here is my TV segment on San Diego 6 TV on cool travel apps. Below is the video and my write-up on the coolest travel apps I’ve found.


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Crowdsourcing – which means gathering information from communities and giving more people access to the information. So, this crowdsourced app instantly connects you with other drivers in real time who are reporting back on accidents, police traps, and other hazards along your route.
  • Story: Spring is in the air, and you decide to hop on a plane to meet up with some friends in Miami. You live near SDSU, so using WAZE, you can immediately see – using feedback from other drivers – if you should use the 8, the 15 or an alternative route. It tells you where traffic is slowing and keeps you on time to make your flight!


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Tell CityBot the types of activities that interest you and in a matter of seconds, you’ll receive a personalized trip.
  • Story: Let’s say you just flew into Miami to meet your friends, except your friends are lame and didn’t plan anything. You can whip out Citybot and – based on your prior interests and events – it can tailor an awesome day for you. You can start off getting afternoon drinks at a Southbeach bar, roll into the best shopping along the strip, and end up at an authentic European restaurant where you meet some cool people from Spain!
  • …AND the startup is located right in Downtown San Diego!


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Last-minute hotel deals. Tonight!
  • Story: So, you finish up the night in Miami and realize, “Uh oh, no one booked a hotel room!” Don’t worry – HotelTonight has you covered! All you have to do is open HotelTonight, it automatically knows where you are and serves up the best discounted hotel rooms open right now. You can pick from economy, chic, or luxury. Just pick your hotel, swipe once, and walk in to get your keys. Pretty nifty!


  •  Both Android and iPhone
  • Instantly translates printed words into your native language using your built-in phone camera.
  • Story: So, your friends in Miami are still kind of lame, so you decide to jump on a plane and head to Madrid with your new buddies you met at the European restaurant. Wow! What a great time – except that you don’t speak ANY Spanish! No problem! With Wordlens, all you do is hover your camera over printed signs or books, and it instantly translates it back into English for you. Check it out!
  • FREE to download and under $5.00 for one translation type (such as English to German and vice versa).