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Don’t Overdo the Advertising on Your Pages

By December 15, 2008September 13th, 2012At Work, Marketing

In a new survey of 4,000 web users, which was undertaken to better
understand consumer perceptions relating to ad clutter, cluttered sites not only annoy the audience, they diminish ad
effectiveness and ultimately do a disservice to the publisher, the
advertiser and the visitor, Burst Media said.

According to a new study by Burst Media, nearly 30% of online adults will immediately leave a website if they
perceive it to be cluttered with ads, and more than 75% of those who
remain on cluttered sites pay less attention to the ads there.

Women are more likely to leave than men (32% vs. 27%). Also the older someone gets, the more likely they are to leave a site due to cluttered advertising. Less than half (46.8%) of respondents 18-24 years were impacted
negatively by clutter, but nearly two-thirds (63.2%) of respondents age
55+ were unfavorably impacted.

It was also found that the site's reputation is tarnished when the site is perceived as cluttered.