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Hand-Made and Heart-Felt

By February 18, 2013Art, Life Lessons, Love

I closed my eyes like she asked me to, and held out my hands. She came over, kissed my cheek, and placed something at my fingertips.

I felt thick, velvety paper, rolled up like a scroll.

I opened my eyes to see a hand-made valentines card, complete with a ribbon and adorned with heart-felt thoughts on what our relationship means to her.

It helped me realize a couple things:

  1. The things I value the most are rarely the things purchased.
  2. The computer can melt circuits, but the pen can melt hearts.
  3. One hand-written, heart-felt sentence can say more than a hundred pre-printed cards.
  4. I need to practice writing from the heart. Even if it’s one sentence at a time.


Valentines Day Card