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Hug Nation: People of the Web

By October 26, 2007August 31st, 2012For Fun

Just wanted to send a shout out to a past co-worker, John Styn. We worked together at back in the bubble days and he was always on the cutting edge of web development and creativity. John and his 94 year old grandpa, Caleb, was featured recently on Yahoo’s People of the Web show.

John started Hug Nation with Grandpa Caleb and brought good to the many people who watched the live web cast each week. The whole premise was remembering how fortunate we are to have people around us we love, and to give them a hug while we could. I had a chance to catch a couple episodes last year and it was cool to see how they were using the web to broadcast emotion (what I call "emo-cast").

Anyway, never think you’re too old or your idea is too off-the-wall. Use the web. Express yourself. Get better at being you.