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One of the joys of life is giving birth to a song through songwriting. I think everyone should do it – at least once. Below are some of my songs.

I come from a very musical family – my grandparents cut records, my parents cut records, and my brothers (I have three) are all accomplished musicians in the Christian music genre. I’m probably the least talented out of the group, but I grew up playing and singing ever since I could remember.

My first instrument(s) were the violin and the bass guitar. I picked up the violin at age 7 and played it for quite a while in the school philharmonic. After a while, I discovered the depth and beauty of the bass guitar and fell in love with rhythm (as opposed to melody).

From age 12 up, I played in bands, wrote songs, and even won my high school talent show. In college, I studied finance, but paid my way through school by playing music and becoming a club DJ on the college circuit.

After school, I didn’t play. At all. Work got in the way. And just about once a month, I felt this gnawing to be creative and see where the road would lead me.

So, around age 29, I started taking voice lessons, bought some new music gear, started writing songs, and formed a band.

San Diego Music

I sucked pretty bad. Haha.

But – just as in everything in life – I got a bit better with each practice and each gig. A couple years later, me and a couple buddies started Across The Room – an alternative pop rock band. We weren’t pro quality, but had a ton of fun, played hundreds of gigs throughout southern California and Arizona, recorded two CD’s, and met a lot of people I still consider friends.

The band experience is also what led me to start Our drummer was going to have to quit the band because he couldn’t make a living doing what he loved to do. I had a background in Internet startups, so I offered to help him find students online. And the rest is history.

I love songwriting. It’s therapeutic, artistic, and a change at beautiful expression of the soul. And when you get a burst of brilliance of art, emotion, and rhythm all bundled up, it’s orgasmic. Yes, orgasmic!

The Music

Written by: Me

Vocals: Me  | Backing Vox: Me and Enrique Platas

Guitars, some of the bass, keyboards: Me

Drums: Enrique  |  Some of the bass: Scotty B

Faster Songs

Slower Songs