Cool Travel Apps for your iPhone or Android

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Here is my TV segment on San Diego 6 TV on cool travel apps. Below is the video and my write-up on the coolest travel apps I’ve found.


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Crowdsourcing – which means gathering information from communities and giving more people access to the information. So, this crowdsourced app instantly connects you with other drivers in real time who are reporting back on accidents, police traps, and other hazards along your route.
  • Story: Spring is in the air, and you decide to hop on a plane to meet up with some friends in Miami. You live near SDSU, so using WAZE, you can immediately see – using feedback from other drivers – if you should use the 8, the 15 or an alternative route. It tells you where traffic is slowing and keeps you on time to make your flight!


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Tell CityBot the types of activities that interest you and in a matter of seconds, you’ll receive a personalized trip.
  • Story: Let’s say you just flew into Miami to meet your friends, except your friends are lame and didn’t plan anything. You can whip out Citybot and – based on your prior interests and events – it can tailor an awesome day for you. You can start off getting afternoon drinks at a Southbeach bar, roll into the best shopping along the strip, and end up at an authentic European restaurant where you meet some cool people from Spain!
  • …AND the startup is located right in Downtown San Diego!


  • Both Android and iPhone – FREE
  • Last-minute hotel deals. Tonight!
  • Story: So, you finish up the night in Miami and realize, “Uh oh, no one booked a hotel room!” Don’t worry – HotelTonight has you covered! All you have to do is open HotelTonight, it automatically knows where you are and serves up the best discounted hotel rooms open right now. You can pick from economy, chic, or luxury. Just pick your hotel, swipe once, and walk in to get your keys. Pretty nifty!


  •  Both Android and iPhone
  • Instantly translates printed words into your native language using your built-in phone camera.
  • Story: So, your friends in Miami are still kind of lame, so you decide to jump on a plane and head to Madrid with your new buddies you met at the European restaurant. Wow! What a great time – except that you don’t speak ANY Spanish! No problem! With Wordlens, all you do is hover your camera over printed signs or books, and it instantly translates it back into English for you. Check it out!
  • FREE to download and under $5.00 for one translation type (such as English to German and vice versa).

Four Ways San Diego Can Continue to Build It’s Startup Ecosystem

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From day one, we’ve built TakeLessons right here in the heart of San Diego. Over the past few years, I’ve personally seen an explosion of activity as more and more people become interested in working for themselves, starting a company, and running after their dream. Compared to yesterday, San Diego’s technology and innovation scene has become more organized and started to develop a true community where people are collaborating, celebrating wins, and helping their fellow entrepreneurs through the stumbles.

While we’ve came a long way, we still are young compared to the developed areas of Silicon Valley and New York. As a metaphor, it feels like we’ve planted seeds and we’re starting to see those seeds germinate above the ground. Now, it’s up to the San Diego tech scene to continue to cultivate our community so our seeds turn into strong trees with deep roots.

I wrote an op-ed piece for Xconomy on my thoughts how San Diego can continue to grow it’s innovation community. I’d love to here your thoughts on how we can all work together to build something great.

What we in San Diego need to focus on first and foremost is our attitude. We need to live and breathe a startup mindset. Anything worthwhile is always created twice: First, in our minds; and second, in reality. As members of San Diego’s entrepreneurial community, we must choose whether to focus on the challenges we face, or on actually making it happen by taking advantage of the strengths we have and moving forward, despite our challenges. It is up to us to make this change first. Inner victories always precede outer victories. Only by being in the right frame of mind will we see the manifestations of our city’s true potential emerge.

Read the Article on Xconomy

Steven Cox Pictures of TakeLessons

Baby Girls and Startups

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Last week, I had an email exchange with Merrick Lozano of I’ve known Merrick for many years and enjoyed watching him grow his company while also building a family.


I asked him about how he was enjoying his new baby girl. I don’t have kids now and often wondered just how some entrepreneurs manage the balance of a growing company – which takes and extraordinary amount of time – and balancing family. Here’s the email thread:

Steven: Hey Merrick – thanks for the advice. Hope all is well. How’s the family?

Merrick: It’s awesome! Just enjoying the new baby, she’s almost 3 months now.

 Sent from my iPhone
Steven: Unbelievable! Congrats my brother! I’m FINALLY thinking about what it would be like to have one…

Merrick: Thank you. 3 girls is a handful!  🙂

Babies are amazing, my first one gave new meaning to my life.  They are rewarding and a ton of work. I am blessed to have a wife who wants to stay home so that makes it a lot easier. I think there’s a big valley from bachelor to papa, and a wonderful woman makes it easy to get to the other side… Honestly, I don’t think anyone is actually prepared to be a first time parent. But, much like a first time founder, you just become incredibly motivated to succeed. Nothing goes as planned, but in the end, it’s worth it.
Steven: Wise words, my friend. Certainly gives me something to chew on.
I guess having children is similar to doing a startup in that you’re never quite all the way ready, nothing goes as planned, you need a strong team to succeed, and, in the end, it’s worth the sacrifice.
Thanks Merrick. I needed that.
Comment below: what’s been your experience with balancing home and work?

Use Doubt to Your Benefit

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Doubt is one of those feeling that can be debilitating or serve a purpose when used correctly. Here’s an article on the subject I wrote for Fast Company.

** This article written by me was originally published in Fast Company magazine in April 2014 **

Definition of Confidence

Doubt–at one point or another, every entrepreneur has experienced the sinking feeling that his or her best work is just not good enough.

No matter how successful you feel you are, doubt has a way of seeping its way into your head. As your company matures, difficulties will change in shape and scope, but they will never stop coming. The key distinction between entrepreneurs who do succeed and those who don’t is their ability to train their minds to overcome the doubt that accompanies these challenges.

The first step is understanding the distinction between two types of doubt: Healthy doubt is constructive and destructive doubt is inhibitive. Entrepreneurs should always strive to cultivate and embrace healthy doubt, while minimizing the negative effects of destructive doubt.

Discerning the difference

Most entrepreneurs have a strategic yearly or quarterly plan that provides direction regarding the strategies, tactics, and goals of their companies. Healthy doubt allows them to look at their plan through the lens of reality and acknowledge the high probability that their strategy may not materialize as planned, in spite of their best efforts. Healthy doubt offers a realistic perspective of the plan’s ability–or inability–to predict a company’s future.

You are experiencing healthy doubt if you:

  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Are feeling driven
  • Are aware of the changing marketplace
  • Ask, “What’s our backup plan if we’re wrong?”
  • Accept the reality that sometimes you’ll miss the mark
  • Know that each stumble is just part of climbing the mountain

Destructive doubt takes hold when entrepreneurs allow their mindset and confidence to be shaken by the changes that are bound to happen. Destructive doubt overcomes the entrepreneur when they allow the ups and downs of the startup merry-go-round to negatively affect their commitment and confidence.

You are experiencing destructive doubt if you:

  • Question your abilities
  • Are feeling paralyzed
  • Are blind to opportunities
  • Say, “I’ll never try that again”
  • Look at failure as a negative feature of your personal self-worth
  • Think a stumble is the end of the world

Altering your thinking

Cultivating healthy doubt is an art form that is developed over time, and it requires mental discipline. By accepting your imperfections, being comfortable with failing fast, and by persevering when you stumble, entrepreneurs can build the mental fortitude that prevents destructive doubt from taking hold, and enables healthy doubt to flourish.

The more practice you get, the better you will be at harnessing the positive power of healthy doubt, which reinforces the reality that you can indeed build the company and lifestyle of your dreams.

The next time you face a challenge and hear your inner voice siding with destructive doubt, take a moment to stop, acknowledge what you’re feeling, and choose to view it through a different lens. A simple decision to modify your perspective can change destructive doubt into healthy doubt, turning a roadblock into a surge ahead.


San Diego – One of America’s Most Innovative Cities

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Ahhh, San Diego.

I’ve been a resident for over 15 years now and, hands down, the place rocks – both on the quality-of-life spectrum and the boundless opportunity.

Recently, Inc. magazined ranked San Diego as top city for innovation. The city ranked #1 for patents in telecommunications and patents in golf (yes, we work hard and play hard).

Wireless Hub: Sparked by Qualcomm’s founding there in 1985, San Diego now hosts some 800 telecom companies.

On the Green: San Diego is also No. 1 for patents on “games using a tangible projectile,” which typically means golf. More than 30 golf-equipment manufacturers, including TaylorMade and Callaway, have set up shop in the sunny locale, home to Torrey Pines and about 90 other golf courses.

Downtown San Diego

Photo Courtesy of

In addition to the patents in telecom and sports, San Diego also has standout innovation activity in diverse areas such as cyber security, defense technologies, bioinformatics, life sciences, genomics, clean tech, and consumer internet. All of these top industries have aided to increase the number of good jobs in San Diego.

The city’s leaders are also focused on a high quality of life and eco-sustainability, which continues to help San Diego reinvent itself as a hub of innovation. In fact, 5 of the largest 15 companies located in downtown San Diego are now tech companies.

San Diego will always have beautiful beaches and bronzed bodies. Now, we can also add hot startups, really smart talent, and an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ attitude to that list. San Diego isn’t only “America’s Finest City,” it’s an emerging tech hub.

Steven Cox
Proud San Diego Resident


Startup San Diego: Channel 6 TV News Segment

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Marc Bailey: Earlier this month, Forbes magazine ranked San Diego #1 as the best place in the nation to start a small business this year. The publication surveyed 50 big cities and surveyed small businesses. Among the criteria used, those in high growth areas, those with Facebook pages, those with websites, and those that accepted credit cards. The magazine says that the categories demonstrate the community’s engagement and use of relevant resources.

If you’re trying to start a business, that’s why we asked Steven Cox to come in because he knows what he’s talking about. You started You started it here in San Diego?

Steven Cox: Sure did!

M: And it teaches music? Music lessons online?

S: Not only music lessons, but tutoring, sports, fitness, wellness, arts and crafts, and more. if you think of eBay and how they have created a marketplace for both buyers and sellers. What we have is created a marketplace for parents or consumers who are looking for a great instructor. On the other side are instructors who are looking to earn more money and are looking for new students.

M: So, you match these people up? You just combine the two. Most of these ideas, when we break them down, the beauty of them and the commonality is we all look and say, “I should’ve thought of that.”

S: Or, “Man, I did think about that.” Yes, I get that a lot.

M: When did you decide to follow up on that and why? What was the motivation?

S: I’ve been doing tech startups since 1999. I moved down here to San Diego to take a little bit of time off and started wondering what I wanted to do next. I was living downtown in San Diego, and we came up with this idea. I happened to also be in a rock band as a bad lead singer. My drummer was looking for new students and was going to quit music and take an office job in order to pay in his bills. So, we put together this idea of helping him make a living do what he loved to do by helping him find students over the Internet, and that just happened to be my background. It kind of fell along this whole movement of being able to establish a business in a marketplace and then watch it grow here in San Diego, which is where we started, and then immediately start taking on new cities. Now, we’re in about 4,000 cities all across the U.S.

M: So, I’m going to say that’s successful, but it started right here in San Diego.

S: Yep, it started in a downtown office right here.

M: Why San Diego? Now, again, we heard Forbes’ reasons why businesses are successful starting up here in San Diego, but what’s the deal? Why San Diego?

S: Well, first of all, I can say that being in the industry for the past several years, the tech industry and the San Diego startup community is worlds different from where it used to be five and six years ago. One of the factors that Forbes had mentioned was the clustering, which is the ability for a large number of startups to all be in the same area, and we’re starting to see that downtown. There are thirty or forty startups right off the top of my head just within this little radius of where the TakeLessons headquarters is down there, which is a super cool thing to see.

M: That’s good energy, and you can share information.

S: They share information. They collaborate. You kind of feel like you’re not alone.

M: Is that one of the keys? Collaboration?

S: Absolutely. You get that and also just the number of industries that are in kind of a high growth aspect. So, anything from consumer Internet to clean tech to bioinformatics, San Diego has all of those. In addition to a great environment to start a business, there are a ton of smart people, and if you compare it to some of the other cities out there, San Diego has better air quality than L.A. I’m sure that you would know that. It has better traffic. The cost of living is 40% cheaper than it is in Silicon Valley. Finally, San Diego, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we have better weather than Boston and New York.

M: We’ve got to go, but give me the one misstep that people make. You’ve told people all of the positives. What’s the one thing that makes you say, “Don’t do that.”?

S: I’ve got to say that it is don’t believe that is super, super easy just to start an Internet business, and then the next day you’re going to be a success. It takes the exact same amount of work in order to grow a successful business.

M: That meaning you have to be totally committed to it.

S: That’s right.

M: Alright, Steven, thank you so much. Steven Cox, CEO of So, check that website out, especially if you’re trying to match up your learning with a teacher. Great idea!





TakeLessons Secures $7mm in Venture Capital

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I’m happy to announce latest round of venture funding today. This round increases the total amount raised to $20mm and will allow us to accelerate our expansion into more categories outside of music, including tutoring, performing arts, and languages. We’ve even started to see new matches in categories such as welding, crocheting, robotics, and basic HTML.

We’ve tripled the number of instructors on the TakeLessons platform over the past year and continue to be excited about building a marketplace that helps consumers easily find the right instructor, while helping instructors make a better living doing what they love.

Congrats to the team and thanks to the San Diego Startup community for its support.

TakeLessons Team March 2014
Read about it here: