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New Book from Maynard Webb – Rebooting Work

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Maynard Webb, former COO eBay, CEO LiveOpsMaynard Webb (one of my investors in TakeLessons and former COO of eBay) just launched his new book, Rebooting Work.

In the book, Maynard Webb identifies 4 different mindsets around work (the company man, CEO of your own destiny, disenchanted employee, and the aspiring entrepreneur). It organizes those who are self-motivated versus those who are waiting to be discovered and aims to give readers the tools to become more self-actualized, happier, and ultimately more fulfilled in their careers.

Maynard has always been the go-to guy when Silicon Valley companies have thorny problems. Whether revamping eBay’s crashing servers (transforming their technology weaknesses into a competitive strength) or investing in emerging technology start-ups, he brings strategic and operational savvy to every issue and venture.

This is his first book, and he brings this same focus to tackle outdated models of work, created a century ago, which no longer sync up with either individual or employers’ needs.

Pick up a copy. You’ll love it.


Maynard Webb book Rebooting Work