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cloud star - Steven Cox | San Diego, CA

Wag More, Bark Less

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Wag more

Recently, I’ve started noticing these stickers everywhere. They remind me of a great piece of life advice John Assaraf recently shared with me, encouraging me to make a shift in how I spend my time. A thread runs through this simple sticker and John Assaraf’s words: simply put, spend more time pursuing your passions than you spend toiling on tasks you despise and you will enjoy a higher quality of life. By pursuing things you’re passionate about, you end up working faster and smarter towards its achievement. It also is simply less stressful.

I got a little curious about where these cool stickers are coming from, and I came across Cloud Star makes natural dog treats and hypoallergenic grooming products for dogs. They also give at least 10% of what they make to non-profit organizations because they believe “doing good business should include doing good things for others”. I think this little sticker just got cooler.