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Keep Running

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I just got back from a five mile run along San Diego’s waterfront. The sun was out, the skies clear, and The Chemical Brothers blasted at perfect volume through my iPod.

Yet, for whatever reason, I struggled. Every step was difficult, and every mile challenging.

A few times, I felt like stopping and taking a breather underneath one of the giant sycamore’s.

But, I didn’t. I just kept running.

Not as fast as normal, not as fluid as others that passed me. At time, I had to slow down the pace. But I just kept running.

As I rounded my last turn and headed for my finish, I realized that my business is a lot like my running.

Sometimes it’s easy and fluid. Other time, each step feels like climbing a mountain.

So many others get winded, other get frustrated, and they quit – never experiencing the sheer joy of overcoming. But if you just keep running, you’ll eventually round that last turn and be able to cross your own finish line.

Just Keep Running…

I’m Going to Lose Ten Pounds

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This morning, I stepped on the scale only to see that I’ve quickly added 10 pounds over the past few months.

I can immediately tell because my clothes are a little more snug and my lower back starts to ache.

Not acceptable.

The Goal

In six weeks, August 31, I want to drop from 198 to 188.

What I’m going to do about it:

  • Drop sugar and alcohol
  • Make sure I’m working out 5 times a week – mix between cardio and weights
  • Meditate three times a week
  • Stop eating by 7:00 pm and focus on more protein and complex carbs

(Just getting back from the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego)


I’m also going to book a photo shoot with my girl for the first week of September. We did one last year and I was in great shape for it. This way I know that I have a deadline and can create added incentive to ensure I’m back in good shape.

The Takeaway

There are a ton of things I could do to get back to the weight I want, but it all boils down to making good decisions and staying disciplined about it. By focusing on just the few key aspects that will get me to my goal, it makes the goal more attainable and less overwhelming.

Also, by committing to you, it creates more positive pressure for me to keep my word.

I’ll be checking in periodically to give updates on my goal.


Charisma – Richard Branson Style

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My buddy, Nadav Wilf, just got back from an incredible trip to Neckar Island with Richard Branson. I was offered to go, but there wasn't a guarantee that Mr. B was going to be there, so I took a pass. (I have another blog post brewing about my own issue of saying 'no' to too many things, but that will have to wait for another day).

Here is his facebook post on what he learned from Richard last week.

"Charisma: what makes some people charismatic and others not? Genes? Good looks? What does a person like Richard Branson have that we may not? Consider that charisma is simply being present for others. Being a space for others to get who they really are, what is possible for them to achieve and who they can be for others. I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with Richard this past week and the man is a present and authentic. He can pick up the phone and be with anyone in the world, and he genuinely wants to be with you…that's true charisma and we all have it:) Love you all for who you are."


Make a Shift – Spend More Time on Things You Love

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In our latest Mastermind meeting, rockstar motivator John Assaraf stated that he was dedicated to spending more of his time on things that he loves vs. things that are tolerable or downright a drag.

I made a visual representation that I think is applicable to everyone's life.

Spend more time doing things you love. This includes at work. Find jobs that fuel your natural talent and curiosity. It makes life so much better!

Spend Time

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Happy Birthday to my Grandfather

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113_1335 (Large)
 I’d like to give a Happy Birthday shout out to the most respectable, honest, and decent man I know.

My grandfather turns 88 years young today. He still goes hunting once a week, raises a garden, mows the lawn, and washes dishes for Grandma. He always has a kind word to say.

You are a true role model and friend. From you, I have learned the value of working hard, keeping my word, and treating everyone with respect.

Thank you for being such a good example to me and everyone you come in contact with.