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The Importance of Mentors and Your Chance of Business Success

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I’d love to say that my best ideas were formed inside of my head, but truthfully, the biggest breakthrough’s I’ve had are because I was able to take the raw thought material in my head and receive insights from other smart people.

If you’re smart, that’s a good start. But someone not as bright can play at a much higher level by getting the help of others.

For me personally, mentors have played a critical role in my business. Each time I’m faced with a seemingly overwhelming set of circumstances, I lean heavy on the men and women in my life who have been there and done that. Why would I want to try to figure it out myself? No way! I’d rather learn from the experiences of others and not have to go throug the pain.

Mentors play another key role. Many times, they don’t tell you the answers to your problems. Instead, they help you ask the right questions. I’ve been so deep in a situation that I can’t see alternatives other than what I’ve been thinking about. Smart mentors help you take a step back and look at the problem form another viewpoint. And sometimes, that’s all you need for a major breakthrough.

Who are your mentors? It’s good to have them in business as well as your personal life. Mentors are people who add value to you by providing you with another way to view the world.

A great mentor never gives you the answer. They only help you ask the right questions.



The 100 Year View

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Last night, I felt pride in America that I haven't felt in a long time. A our new President-Elect spoke to the crowd in Chicago, I didn't hear the standard political rhetoric of the past. Instead, I heard about the future.

Every few minutes, I caught myself amazed that Obama was thinking so far in the future. This presidency isn't about 2010. It's about 2050.

Renewable energy, creating peace, sacrifice, moving forward, healing, ending racism, creating a better place for ourselves, creating a better place for our children.

This President understands that a true leader's job is to see what others can't, listen to diverging views, make the best decisions possible, and lead based on principles instead of popularity.

After the speech, I looked inside myself and was honest about my own leadership. I realize how much further I have to learn about leadership and focusing on the belief of tomorrow. I see how I should lead from a longer point of view, develop the vision, help the team understand the 'why' behind the 'what', sacrifice, develop leaders, and empower my team and our customers to greatness.

"This election was never about me. It was about you."

These are words that I feel can help our business grow, touch lives, and reach our potential.