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Upcoming Incubator Hosted By San Diego Venture Group

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Downtown San Diego

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Thinking of starting a tech or internet company here in San Diego?

When you start a company, there are a TON of things to consider:

  • How will you raise capital?
  • Who will form your team?
  • How will you develop your product to fit market needs?
  • What will your user interface look like?

This list goes on and on. Sometimes, attending an incubator or accelerator can be of huge value to your startup. If you are working on a startup, you may want to attend San Diego Venture Group‘s next conference on Thursday, March 20th. This incubator will be hosted at the Hyatt Recency, La Jolla and starts at 7am.

Participating Companies include:

Al Bsharah, CEO & Co-Founder,Embarke
Mitch Thrower, Founder & CEO, BUMP Network
Mike Perry, CEO & Director, Crisi Medical Systems

Want more information? Check it out and register for the San Diego Incubator session.

New Book: The Lean Entrepreneur by Brant Cooper- You WANT This Book

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The Lean EntrepreneurEver wanted to know how to apply startup/technology know-how to your new company? My good friend and author, Brant Cooper, is releasing his second book, The Lean Entrepreneur on February 26.

Check out what people are saying:

“This fascinating new book shows that at the intersection of disruption and lean company thinking, there is a new world of: lean entrepreneurship — empowered individuals who bring the world kicking and screaming into the future. I can’t wait.”

— Paul Kedrosky, Kauffman Foundation Fellow

Read from Scott Case.

“The lean entrepreneur cruises at 50,000 feet with a view of the context we are operating in today’s economy. At the same time, it dives deep into key ways the new startup tools, frameworks and mechanisms can be leveraged to take advantage of a world filled with uncertainty and opportunity.”

– Scott Case, CEO Startup America Partnership

And here’s what Startup Superstar Brad Feld had to say:

“The Lean Startup methodology has become a fundamentally critical approach to creating and building a startup. Brant and Patrick explain in a very accessible way, with extended case studies from a variety of exciting, contemporary startups, with awesome bonus illustrations from everyone’s favorite robotic dinosaur, Fake Grimlock. If you are a startup entrepreneur, this is a must-read book for your startup journey.”

-Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group; co-founder, TechStars; and creator of the Startup Revolution series of books

Check out this video for more info: http://leanentrepreneur.co

Buy Now and Get This Special Offer.

Brant said he’d do something special for my readers. So, he is running a massive pre-order campaign charging toward a national bestseller. The Campaign ends this Monday, February 11.

What does this means for you? It means there’s little time left to help put money in your pocket!

Check out The Lean Entrepreneur bundles here: http://leanentrepreneur.co.

If you’d like to have him to come speak Lean Startup to your organization, contact Brant at brant@leanentrepreneur.co  or call him directly 510-501-4796.