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A Simple Life Philosophy: Incredible Experiences with Incredible People

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I'm working on simplifying my life.

Less overhead. Less stress. Better health. Smarter brain. etc.

When I was in Amsterdam last year, I was thinking about designing my life in conjunction to letting life happen. I wanted to plan it and give it direction, yet allow for the beauty of serendipity. I wanted to find the balance between running hard towards my goals, and stopping the run to enjoy each day.

I asked myself about what life is, and how someone gets the most out of it.

I came up with a simple life philosophy:

To me, life is about "incredible experiences with incredible people"

Thats it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I want to have incredible, fulfilling experiences. And I want to share those with awesome people.

Incredible people means people who are emotionally sound, creative, curious, honorable, genuine, self-appreciative, brilliant thinkers. People who make a positive impact on others, give as much as take, thus creating value.

That means in order to attract awesome people into my world, I have to first be awesome myself. This takes me on the quest for constant and never-ending self-improvement. It's my opportunity to learn how to be awesome.If I am not awesome, then incredible people will choose not to spend time with me.

It means I have to treat people well and seek to make a difference in their lives. I have to add value to them.

This means I have to be in good health. My 'incredible experiences' will be limited if my health fails me.

It helps me plan on how I want to spend my time, what vacations I want to take, where I want to live, who I want to surround myself with, how I spend money, and just about everything else I can think of.

So, while the philosophy is simple, for me it's all-encompasing. It helps me design what I want my life to be, and allows me the freedom to explore what 'incredible' really means.


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