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Michael Lazero - Steven Cox | San Diego, CA

Michael Lazero of Buddy Media On the Value of Beating Fear

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I met Michael back in the late 90's when he was working on UWire and I was working for an early social network called He's done great work with his company, Buddy Media.

Here's a recent video of him speaking on how he was able to use the realization of his own mortality to look fear in the face and press forward.

Thanks to Chris Waldron for turning me on to this vid.

In his words:

"I spoke about the relationship between corporate innovation and mortality and used my personal experience as a two-time heart surgery patient has a backdrop.

The primary point I was trying to make is that it's easy to innovate – to pivot, to change courses – when you come face to face with your own death. It's much harder to do the unimaginable when things are going well. Companies (and people) who reinvent themselves when things are going well build long-term value (and live the lives they want to live)."