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Michael Robertson - Steven Cox | San Diego, CA

San Diego Startup Event: Joe Kraus and Michael Robertson The difference between a big company and a startup

By At Work, Start Up San Diego, Start-Ups, No Comments Internet celebrities, Joe Kraus and Michael Robertson talk about the difference between working for a company and working at a startup.

This video was shot at the 10x100x100 San Diego Start-Up event in December 2011, hosted by Sweet Labs, with support from TakeLessons, Brightscope, and other San Diego Startups.

The purpose of the event was to showcase 10 San Diego startup companies that have raised $100mm in funding, and looking to hire 100 new people.



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Steven Cox Interview on Fox 5 News – Finding the Right San Diego StartUp Company to Work For

By At Work, Speaking, Start Up San Diego, Start-Ups,, Venture Capital, Videos No Comments Even with the unemployment rate in San Diego hovering around 10%, the city’s startup scene is bustling with activity and creating new jobs for San Diegans. CEO, Steven Cox, talks about the 10x100x100 event where 10 startup companies that have collectively raised over $100 million in venture capital and will be hiring 100 new employees next year.

A lot of technical and web people move to the San Francisco area to find work, but you’re saying there’s work right here and they don’t have to move?
• That’s Right!
• Cheaper to buy and rent housing here than in other hotbeds such as SV, NYC.
• A lot of startups are hiring

What’s it like working for a startup?
• Incredible! Faster pace. Quicker decisions. My startup:

For College Graduates:
o Instead of making coffee, make a difference.
o No cogs in the wheel
o Chance to work on things at a young age — (BEST BUY example)

For Senior people
o A chance to take your knowledge and build something you’re proud of.
o Make a positive, lasting impact.
o Grow leaders underneath you.
o Potential stock upside

Everyday, I wake up thankful that I get to go to work.
o Focused on building the new sort of company.
• A company with a conscious.
• A company that makes more than money, it makes a positive difference.
o Awesome people all focused on building a great company.
o Super laid-back dress code.
o No politics.

A lot of young Internet companies didn’t make it in the dotcom crash. What should a job prospect consider when looking at startups?

Not all startups are created equal.
• Management — is there adult supervision? People who have built and ran companies before.
• Culture — Do they have a strong sense of purpose, yet flexible enough to change on a dime.
• Funding — are they well-funded.
• Product or Service — is it something that truly adds value to people’s lives?

What type of jobs do startups hire for and what tips do you have on landing a job there?
• Big focus on Software engineering, product management and developmet, IT
• Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Finance, HR

Tell us a little bit about the 10 x 100 x 100 event.
• 6pm Dec 1 at Sweet Labs (
Joe KrausGoogle Ventures focused on mobile, gaming, local services
Michael Robertson — SD Local tech hero.
• Focused on engineering and product talent

More information can be found at these sites:
http://10x100x100 and

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Upcoming Events for San Diego Start Ups

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What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community

Agile San Diego
When: Thu, Dec 1, 6:30pm
Where: The Linkery, 3794 30th St., San Diego

Dave Churchville will talk about Agile Planning. If you are into or interested in Agile, you should come hear Dave, who knows his stuff. Plus, the Linkery is a nice restaurant/pub!

10 Startups – $100M – 100 new jobs
When: Thu, Dec 1, 6:00pm
Where: SweetLabs Office, 510 Market Street , San Diego

San Diego startup Sweetlabs is hosting this recruiting slash mixer event to celebrate local startup success stories. Google Venture's Joe Kraus and "big win" local entrepreneur Michael Robertson will be on hand to talk about the local startup scene. Hard to pass on this one.

Also there will be TakeLessons, DealCurrent, Mogl, Brightscope, and more.

San Diego Tech Founders – How to be a Lean Startup
When: Fri, Dec 2, 6:30pm
Where: IR/PS Robinson Auditorium, UCSD campus

By now you have probably heard of Lean Startups and Customer Development and their requisite buzzwords like pivot, MVP and product-market fit. But what do these terms really mean and how can you put them to work in your endeavors? Yours truly will be spreading the lean startup gospel. 🙂

Customer Development Day
When: Sat, Dec 3, 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: 770 11th Ave, San Diego

If you are at all inspired by Friday's talk, spend Saturday putting Customer Development into practice! Alline Watkins will do a deep-dive on customer development and attendees will actually apply the principles during the event.


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