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Finding Your Passion

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“I was a fidgety and noisy child. All my school reports said that I couldn’t concentrate and that I was always distracting the rest of the class – I was a pain, by all accounts.

But when I drew, I was calm.

Drawing allowed me to get lost in a bubble, and I was suddenly quiet and content. At weekends, while all my friends were out playing football in the park, I went to lessons at the local art college. I could draw happily for hours and hours and not realize what the time was.

And nothing has changed, really. I’m the same today.

But, as the years go by, it becomes harder and harder to find those uninterrupted moments when you’re left alone to be in that headspace and lose yourself in drawing. I’m lucky if I get one hour a day when the phone isn’t ringing and there are no emails to answer.

But when I find that hour, nothing tops it.

It’s about reaching that moment of pure ecstasy when a drawing just happens. Where every move you make with your hand and every thought you have in your head grows in front of you without any mistakes; no rubbing out, starting again and getting frustrated. It’s like being in a trance – it’s fluid – and you almost don’t remember doing the picture.

Drawing is an escape from all the unnecessary things in life that get in the way of being free.”

– Jamie Hewlett, Artist and Filmmaker.

(Jamie Hewlett is the award-winning artist behind the world’s most popular cartoon band, The Gorillaz. Before he created The Gorillaz with his then-flatmate Damon Albarn, he created the seminal punk-rock comic Tank Girl.  Original quote was pulled from a Dunhill.com ad in GQ magazine.)

Steven’s Notes:

Find that place each day where you can dive deep into passion. Even if you’re at work, throw yourself completely into it. What you may find is that ‘passion’ becomes a function of who you are vs. only what you’re doing at the time. While sometimes it may not be as invigorating as creating a new drawing, remember that you have the abilty to create a sort of art each day by simply focusing 100% of your efforts, intensity, and passion into what you’re doing at that moment.


A Birthday Wish That Can Change Destiny

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Last Saturday was my birf-day, and I got to spend it with 60 of the most amazing people on the planet.

As a side note, the party had a hat theme – which means we asked everyone to wear hats. I’ll post some pics later in the week, but it was pretty fabulous. Here’s one for starters:

Steven's Birthday Hat


One of my friends, Darren Hardy, couldn’t make it to the party, but sent me this short email that I’ll share with you:

Yooooo… Happy bday my brother!

This is it. 

First day… of the BEST year… of your life.

What two or three things whould have to happen this year to make it THE best year yet?

Think about it…

And then, after you recover from your party tonight, take action towards those things. It is within your grasp and power to do.

Have fun tonight.

Can’t wait to see what you do with the gift of this new year!


A simple few lines, but with powerful implications.

  • We have the ability to make change.
  • Think about it, decide what you want, and then take action.
  •  It is within our grasps to alter our outcome.

What’s incredible about these words is that for all of us, the first day of the BEST year of our lives can start ANY DAY WE CHOOSE!

We don’t have to wait for New Years.

We don’t have to wait for birthday’s.

We don’t have to wait for business to be going well.

We don’t have to wait for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We don’t have to wait for anything. We can simply decide.

And by deciding, we change destiny.


Design You Life. Find the Flow.

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I wrote this on a napkin in Amsterdam last week while contemplating:


Say 'yes' more often.

Yes to Life. 

Challenge your barriers.

Live outside your comfort zone.

Seek out novel experiences.

Make people's day. Bring them into your world.

Remember that you have a path – a natural flow.

Find it. Design it. Drive it.

Yet, design in time to float.

To explore.

To be, without trying.

To surrender without wanting.

To breathe without thinking.


Staying Motivated

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I keep track of all of my goals and look at them daily. At the bottom of my goal sheet, I have the following reminders and hints taken from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Steven Cox, and others. Sometimes, I'll be reading them and one will jump out at me, and be just the thing I need to press a little harder and find a way to hit my goals.


  • Practice crtainty in the face of fear
  • Develop the habit of focusing on what's right instead of what's wrong. Be positive about finding a solution.
  • Commit to seven straight days of only positive, good thoughts. Do not allow myself to hold a negative thought.
  • Decide to be curious instead of judgmental
  • Find something to appreciate in every challenge. Respect and use the pain to my benefit.
  • If I commit to continuous improvement, then each day and week and month gets better and better.
  • Decide not to be perfect. Just commit to doing better.
  • Develop my faith. As I believe, so it is created.
  • Information * Focus = My Reality. Change what I focus on and change the quality of information, and I change my reality
  • "You never know what's possible until you attempt the impossible"
  • The more clear I can be on exactly what I want, the better I can find the people and information that will help me get there
  • A dream, coupled with an unrelenting will to attain it, is a reality with an eminent bearing. It simply will happen.