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What is your definition of success and what’s your relationship to it?

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(Nadav is my buddy and CEO of Enlightened.org)

Nadav Wilf asks on Facebook: What is your definition of success and what’s your relationship to it??
  • Stefania Andra I’d like to call our relationship successful so that answers the second part of the question as well 🙂 hehe
  • Julien Brandt Easy: It’s strictly based on how much money you make… 😉 haha JK for me its all about being able to lead a balanced life and feeling complete. My relationship to success?!?… I would say I am “dating” success. Having fun and excited about the possibilities.
  • Peter Bennett Eternal happiness and complete acceptance of the way things are. Gotta ways to go
  • Taryn Tieck happiness..
  • XTha TSit success: having a positive impact. relationship: golden “D
  • Allison Hillstrom Enlightenment
  • Matty Vee Peace of mind
  • Renee Kushnir Being fully present and fully fulfilled 🙂
  • Bianca Jaime Having peace and love in everything that I do. Love u bud! Xo
  • Rosalena Famania knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others.
  • Julio Garcia II Setting goals and then going after those goals. Doesn’t matter if u win or lose.
  • Micha Mikailian Success for me is fostering breakthroughs in leadership, performance, and community.
  • Nicholas Totah Inner peace, awareness, purpose.
  • Steven Cox Such a loaded question. There’s the definition I am still tied to, then the definition that I aspire to live by. I strive to make those differing definitions eventually into just one.

How about you?

I’d love to hear your comments below. Go ahead.


Charisma – Richard Branson Style

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My buddy, Nadav Wilf, just got back from an incredible trip to Neckar Island with Richard Branson. I was offered to go, but there wasn't a guarantee that Mr. B was going to be there, so I took a pass. (I have another blog post brewing about my own issue of saying 'no' to too many things, but that will have to wait for another day).

Here is his facebook post on what he learned from Richard last week.

"Charisma: what makes some people charismatic and others not? Genes? Good looks? What does a person like Richard Branson have that we may not? Consider that charisma is simply being present for others. Being a space for others to get who they really are, what is possible for them to achieve and who they can be for others. I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with Richard this past week and the man is a present and authentic. He can pick up the phone and be with anyone in the world, and he genuinely wants to be with you…that's true charisma and we all have it:) Love you all for who you are."