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List of San Diego Startups VC Funded in Q4

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San-Diego-Startup-VC-FundingThis data was provided to me by Randy Smith, CPA, of CFO Innovations San Diego Companies receiving venture funding in Q4 2013. Thanks Randy!

21 deals were completed locally in Q4 of 2013, down from 23 in Q3 of 2013. Aver­age deal size de­creased from $8.9 million in Q3 2013 to $6.9 million in Q4 of 2013. Biotechnology continues its lead with $91 million in new capital, followed by Industrial and Energy of $35 million, San Diego Software companies at $7 million, Medical Devices ($3 million), Media ($3 million), Healthcare Services ($2 million), Financial Services ($2 million), and IT Services ($1 million).

Achates Power


Auspex Pharmaceuticals


Sitari Pharma

Lumena Pharmaceuticals



Inception 4

Rempex Pharmaceuticals








SAkincential Sciences


Abide Therapeutics

Freedom Meditech
























 Venture Firms Investing in San Diego Companies

Adams Street Partners – (really smart dudes. Robin Murray is the best!)
Alta Partners
Anthem Venture Partners – (Brian Mesic is a big supporter of the SD tech scene)
ARCH Venture Partners
Avalon Ventures
Balderton Capital
Bay City Capital
Cardinal Partners
City Hill Ventures
CMEA Capital
DFJ Frontier
Domain Associates
Foundry Group
Frazier Healthcare
InterWest Partners – (good people here. I know them)
Madrone Capital Partners
Montreux Equity Partners
Panorama Capital
Pappas Ventures
Polaris Ventures  (Great firm, smart people)
Promus Ventures
Right Side Capital
Rockport Capital Partners
Sequoia Capital
Silicon Valley Bancventures
Social Leverage
SV Life Science Advisers
Tech Coast Angels
Thomas McNerney
Triangle Peak Partners (also invested in TakeLessons.com)
True Ventures
UPS Strategic Enterprise
Versant Ventures

UCSD Students: Attend the Entrpreneur’s Panel October 23rd.

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UCSD students – come hear a few stories and get some advice on building your own company. Hosted by Brant Cooper. Yours truly will also be participating.

The mission of the UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge is to foster community involvement and technological innovation by bringing multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and business-minded students together with local area entrepreneurs and professionals in order that they might shape the world of tomorrow by securing the health of San Diego’s economy today.


Congrats to San Diego-based Nik Software Acquired by Google

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Today, Nik Software was acquired by Google.

The company – well known for its photography software (inlcuding the awesome Snapseed) – has become the recognized leader in digital photographic products and technologies, including its patented U Point® technology. The company’s products have won over 100 top industry awards for quality and innovation. Its first ever mobile app, Snapseed received iPad App of the Year in the App Store Rewind 2011 and the International TIPA Award 2012 for Best Mobile Photo App.

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the people at Nik. Smart and driven!

Good to see another San Diego company with a successful exit!

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My Interview on the Brian Britt Show: Part 2 of 2

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I had the opportunity to go on the Brian Britt Show and talk about music and the TakeLessons story. Check it out below:

Listen to the podcast.

The transcription is below if you'd rather read.


Brian Britt: Fantastic. So really what you're saying is you took your ability as a techie and obviously you were involved in a lot of start up companies. you took that ability and you married it together with a need for all these people who probably weren't very techie to be able to come together and find eachother, almost like a Match.com for teachers. And I met my wife on Match.com, and we have so many friends and even family members who have met their spouses on Match.com so, that's a perfect example of people who may have never found eachother who can come into the relationship knowing something about each other, in this case the student or the parent, who's going to be very protective of who they allow to come in their home, they can know a lot about this music instructor and know that you guys stake your reputation on making sure that this person had the proper background check done. I love it. So let's go back to the story, because this is such a fascinating story to me, So you had this epiphany, how did you go from, cuz we all have these kind of great ideas in the shower or the margarita bar, how did you go from that idea to putting it into motion. What were your action steps as the successful CEO you are today. What was your first thing you did to go from, wow, wouldn't that be cool to go to hey, I'm doing it! What did you do?

Steven Cox: I think if I take a look back, our first step, well the biggest thing was, we were driven by this idea. We thought it was a solid idea. We approached it from the viewpoint of hey, this looks like a very good experiment, let's try it out. And one thing that I tell startups when I have the opportunity to talk with them is that for the first couple years, really what you're looking for is proof of concept. Can you develop something that people will pay for, that people enjoy, creates a difference and has some kind of competitive advantage. So we worked on the idea and started fleshing it out. I had personally put my own money in on it to start with and recruited an incredible group of four or five people around me, and they're all still with me today. What was cool about this, and this is the way of life of a start up specifically in technology which we were based and how we were doing this; for instance, my VP of technology Chuck Smith, he went without pay for a year and a half and literally built the system. And so what's great about that is he came in and we found people who were really passionate about the idea of bringing services to the web as well as helping artists make a living doing what they love to do.

We started building it and I'd love to say Brian from day one everything went perfect, we had no issues…

BB: We would know then that you were not telling the truth! You have to make the mistakes!

SC: But the truth of the matter is that we started working out of a local Starbucks, three or four guys, we started understanding a little bit about the value that we provide to the marketplace went through three or four different iterations of what we do as far as the value that we provide and after about a year into it, we started understanding, after listening to the consumer, getting it wrong, listening to the consumer getting it wrong again, listening to the consumer, the value that we provide and honestly, one of our core values inside the company, is called perseverance. Basically, that means certainty in the face of fear and that's really the key to our success is that we just kept going.


San Diego Startup Digest – Feb 20th 2012

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San Diego StartupDigest
Life is too short to work at a boring company. Tell us about you here.

For newcomers: The San Diego StartupDigest is an event list, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that is laser-focused on the needs of startups in the San Diego area.

San Diego StartupDigest is curated by:
Brant Cooper – Author of the Customer Development Book

 What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community

RefreshSD — Web Trends: Responsive Design
Tuesday, February 21 @7:30PM | Qualcomm Building QRC (Qualcomm Research Center) 5665 Morehouse Dr. Room 119-B San Diego

Cordell Giesen is an Industrial Designer and co-founder of local startup Zambig. He tells a great story about how he applies "Responsive Design" to his UX processes in a lean, agile start up environment to build Intercom.fm, and related iOS, Android and app experiences.

San Diego Tech Founder's Demo Night III
Thursday, February 23 @6:30PM - 10PM | EvoNexus 101 Broadway, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA

Local startups demo their wares.

San Diego Startups Bowling Night!
Friday, February 24 @9PM | Kearny Mesa Bowl 7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Organized by TakeLessons.com, come bowling with some local startup peeps.

BlackBerry Hackathon in San Diego
Saturday, February 25 @12PM | University City Center, 6256 Greenwich Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

Hackathons are a good thing.




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San Diego Startup Digest – What’s going on in the San Diego Tech Community

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San Diego Startup Digest


For newcomers: The San Diego StartupDigest is an event list, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that is laser-focused on the needs of startups in the San Diego area.

San Diego StartupDigest is curated by:
Brant Cooper – Author of the Customer Development Book

What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community



San Diego CTO Forum
Tuesday, February 07 @6:30PM | View in Calendar

San Diego CTO "white board" session regarding infrastructure.

California Innovation Hackathon
Friday, February 10 @7PM | Hilton San Diego Bayfront | View in Calendar

Hackathon for Democrats. Join the California Democratic Party Computer & Internet Caucus and the SF Tech Dems for four+ hours of fun building apps for the Democratic Party, its voter and its values.

Customer Development Day
Saturday, February 11 @9AM | Ansir Innovation Center, 4685 Convoy Street, San Diego | View in Calendar

Everyone can use some quality Customer Development practice.

Top Upcoming Startup Events

February 23 - San Diego Tech Founder's Demo Night III



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