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Social Networking - Steven Cox | San Diego, CA

San Diego Urban Land Young Leaders Social Media Panel

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Tonight, I'll be on the panel discussing how small and local businesses can use social media to their advantage. Here are my key points:

  • Focus on quality instead of quantity. Be consistent. Be real.
  • Make sure someone is assigned to the task with definitive plans.
  • Focus on Google Places, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Other secondary tools include Google Alerts, blogging, twitter, and groupon
  • Showcase customers – not just yourself
  • Answer back customer praises and complaints

Finally, remember that the quickest way to overnight success is to work years on it.

Here are a few links that I've found that can also be of help to you:


Thanks to Steve Martini at Quality First Commercial (San Diego Commercial Real Estate) for the invite.

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Folksonomy and Social Tagging Grids

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Over the next few months, we are going to be a living experiment in converting a hierarchical site to a more circular tagging site. We realize that we cannot possibly keep up with the ever-changing creative outlets that our users want to learn about. What we believe is that over time, our users (who are the experts) will tell us how things should be organized, and we will use that data to develop tighter social graphs, more relevant search results, and a more fluid overall experience.

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