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Four Ways San Diego Can Continue to Build It’s Startup Ecosystem

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From day one, we’ve built TakeLessons right here in the heart of San Diego. Over the past few years, I’ve personally seen an explosion of activity as more and more people become interested in working for themselves, starting a company, and running after their dream. Compared to yesterday, San Diego’s technology and innovation scene has become more organized and started to develop a true community where people are collaborating, celebrating wins, and helping their fellow entrepreneurs through the stumbles.

While we’ve came a long way, we still are young compared to the developed areas of Silicon Valley and New York. As a metaphor, it feels like we’ve planted seeds and we’re starting to see those seeds germinate above the ground. Now, it’s up to the San Diego tech scene to continue to cultivate our community so our seeds turn into strong trees with deep roots.

I wrote an op-ed piece for Xconomy on my thoughts how San Diego can continue to grow it’s innovation community. I’d love to here your thoughts on how we can all work together to build something great.

What we in San Diego need to focus on first and foremost is our attitude. We need to live and breathe a startup mindset. Anything worthwhile is always created twice: First, in our minds; and second, in reality. As members of San Diego’s entrepreneurial community, we must choose whether to focus on the challenges we face, or on actually making it happen by taking advantage of the strengths we have and moving forward, despite our challenges. It is up to us to make this change first. Inner victories always precede outer victories. Only by being in the right frame of mind will we see the manifestations of our city’s true potential emerge.

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TakeLessons Secures $7mm in Venture Capital

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I’m happy to announce TakeLessons.com latest round of venture funding today. This round increases the total amount raised to $20mm and will allow us to accelerate our expansion into more categories outside of music, including tutoring, performing arts, and languages. We’ve even started to see new matches in categories such as welding, crocheting, robotics, and basic HTML.

We’ve tripled the number of instructors on the TakeLessons platform over the past year and continue to be excited about building a marketplace that helps consumers easily find the right instructor, while helping instructors make a better living doing what they love.

Congrats to the team and thanks to the San Diego Startup community for its support.

TakeLessons Team March 2014
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Upcoming Events for San Diego Start Ups Jan 15-30, 2012

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San Diego StartupDigest

Several great events the next couple of weeks. There's something for everyone, so get out and mingle! 🙂

For newcomers: The San Diego StartupDigest is an event list, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that is laser-focused on the needs of startups in the San Diego area.

San Diego StartupDigest is curated by: Brant Cooper – Author of the Customer Development Book

What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community

appMobi – HTML5 mobile apps and game dev platform
When: Mon, Jan 16, 6:00pm
Where: Ansir Innovation Center, 4685 Convoy St, San Diego

Steve Tsuruda from appMobi will discuss cross-device HTML5 developer tools for creating iOS, Android mobile apps, plus HTML5 web apps.

MIT Enterprise Forum featuring ai-one
When: Tue, Jan 17, 5:00pm
Where: Salk Institute, 10010 North Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla

Great Panel will discuss how "Lean Startup" ai-one might create awareness of their evolution in artificial intelligence and get past the naysayers that say BII can’t be done and find the early adopters who will pioneer the new platform. (Panel moderated by your friendly local Startup Digest curator!)

Discount available here.

CES 2012 Recap
When: Tue, Jan 17, 5:30pm
Where: Knobbe Martens, 12790 El Camino Real, San Diego

Didn't make CES this year? Technology journalist Harry McCracken in person who will be discussing the Consumer Electronic Show.

When: Wed, Jan 18, 6:30pm
Where: Websense, 10240 Sorrento Valley Rd

Designing Mobile Augmented Reality Tools for Monitoring Urban Forests with Ruth West of Calit2 at UCSD.

San Diego Scala Users January Meetup
When: Thu, Jan 19, 7:00pm
Where: Ansir Innovation Center, 4685 Convoy Street #210

Come hack on the Scala Koans exercises from bitbucket for most of the evening. The Scala Koans are a good way to learn about Scala in small steps by fixing test cases so that they pass.

SDVG VC Outlook 2010
When: Tue, Jan 24, 7:00am – 9:00am
Where: Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine

Panel of VC prognosticators tells you what is in store for the Venture World.

Geek Girl: Women in San Diego Tech Startups
When: Thu, Jan 26, 6:00pm
Where: Ansir Innovation Center, 4685 Convoy Street #210

Some of the coolest Geek Girls in San Diego will discuss what it's like to work in tech!

David Cohen Meets SD Tech Founders
When: Fri, Jan 27, 6:30pm
Where: IR/PS Robinson Auditorium, UCSD Campus

Serial entrepreneur and TechStars founder David Cohen comes to share his startup wisdom.

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January 2012 – What’s Going on in the San Diego Startup Community

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What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community (brought to you by http://TheStartupDigest.com).

Sandal Society
When: Wed, Jan 4, 7:00-10:00pm
Where: Ansir, 4685 Convoy Street #210, San Diego

This bootstrappers group will discuss using Google Apps to keep your team running effectively.

UX Speakeasy Happy Hour
When: Wed, Jan 4, 6:30pm
Where: Public House La Jolla, 830 Kline St., La Jolla

New Year Happy Hour with the local UX community.

Agile San Diego
When: Thu, Jan 5, 6:30pm
Where: The Linkery, 3794 30th St., San Diego

Come learn about Test-driven development and see a demonstration.

Top Upcoming Events

January 17 - MIT Enterprise Forum with ai-one
January 24 - SDVG VC Outlook 2010
January 27 - Tech Star David Cohen meets SD Tech Founders

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Upcoming Events for San Diego Start Ups

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What's Going on in the San Diego Startup Community

Agile San Diego
When: Thu, Dec 1, 6:30pm
Where: The Linkery, 3794 30th St., San Diego

Dave Churchville will talk about Agile Planning. If you are into or interested in Agile, you should come hear Dave, who knows his stuff. Plus, the Linkery is a nice restaurant/pub!

10 Startups – $100M – 100 new jobs
When: Thu, Dec 1, 6:00pm
Where: SweetLabs Office, 510 Market Street , San Diego

San Diego startup Sweetlabs is hosting this recruiting slash mixer event to celebrate local startup success stories. Google Venture's Joe Kraus and "big win" local entrepreneur Michael Robertson will be on hand to talk about the local startup scene. Hard to pass on this one.

Also there will be TakeLessons, DealCurrent, Mogl, Brightscope, and more.

San Diego Tech Founders – How to be a Lean Startup
When: Fri, Dec 2, 6:30pm
Where: IR/PS Robinson Auditorium, UCSD campus

By now you have probably heard of Lean Startups and Customer Development and their requisite buzzwords like pivot, MVP and product-market fit. But what do these terms really mean and how can you put them to work in your endeavors? Yours truly will be spreading the lean startup gospel. 🙂

Customer Development Day
When: Sat, Dec 3, 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: 770 11th Ave, San Diego

If you are at all inspired by Friday's talk, spend Saturday putting Customer Development into practice! Alline Watkins will do a deep-dive on customer development and attendees will actually apply the principles during the event.


San Diego StartupDigest is curated by:
Brant Cooper – Author of the Customer Development Book

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