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Here’s a note from one of our Product guys, Marc Wallis. I’m humbled that we’re able to do a small part to help people around the world. While we can’t do everything for everyone, it’s a good start to do something for somebody.


Hey TakeLessoner’s,

I wanted to recap and update on what TakeLessons is doing in Africa:

This past July, I was able to travel to Swaziland, Africa on a humanitarian trip. It was an amazing experience. Swaziland is tiny country the size of New Jersey at the very bottom of the continent. It is a beautiful place with incredible people. It is known in the international community for two primary reasons:

First, it is the last absolute monarchy on the continent. Ever see Coming to America with Eddie Murphy and James Earl Jones?….pretty much sums it up.

Second, it has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world – close to 45%…not really a stat you wanna be known for…

Because of the high rate of AIDS, the 20 – 40yr old demographic, who are the most likely to contract the disease, are disappearing, leaving a huge orphan population to fend for themselves. Luckily, there are many great organizations springing up to help combat the disease and the social/economic problems it creates.

Different charities run small orphanages/after school programs called “care points.” Each care point helps anywhere from 30 – 300 kids, and they are in desperate need of supplies – especially clothing for the kids who often have only one tattered shirt.

TakeLessons was able to help the care points with:

  • Shirts (many kids are cold in the winter. Our shirts will keep them warm. Maybe he’ll be one of our teachers one day. Once Online lessons go global that is)
  • Money for instruments. With the instruments we bought, they are now starting small music schools at the care points!

It is incredible to see this program growing, and to see how music is such a part of the healing process for these kids who have experienced so much loss. It really does give them hope and a way for them to express themselves.

Thank YOU!

Without you, providing instruments and hope through music to these kids would not have been possible. TakeLessons is growing because we all kick ass at our jobs everyday, and seek to be our best here. And growth/profitability for our company means we are in a better position to help with projects like this, and “inspire a new generation of artists through music.”

If anyone has questions about the work we’re doing in Swaziland or wanted to help grow the fledgling music program that we started, let me know!!


Marc Wallis
Project Manager: Product: