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The Digital Frontier – A Showcase of San Diego’s Entrepreneurial Innovation (Clip 1 of 8)

By May 29, 2012September 13th, 2012At Work, Speaking, Start Up San Diego, Videos

On Wednesday, 4/18, a few local tech entrepreneurs spoke at the 6Degrees Breakfast Speakers series on digital startups and innovation here in San Diego.

Topic: The Digital Frontier – A Showcase of San Diego's Entrepreneurial Innovation


Video Text:

and as always our moderator for the last years has been George Chamberlin. Welcome George Chamberlin. He'll take us the rest of the way, and I'll see you at the end. Good morning everybody ! Get to all see today. San Diego day and thanks for being with us. These six degree events have been great and you know every time we do one of these we have a bigger crowd out so it's great to see it growing and expanding I know Matt's put in an awful lot of work on this and deserves a lot of credit and a lot of thanks for what he's does to make Six Degrees become a real here in San Diego.

Matt, well done buddy, Thank You very much. It's so it's kind of neat. Wait, wait. I should mention that that was selected in the occurrent crop of what we call at the Daily Transcript our Young Influentials and and we did a round table with them recently, had a transcript that was written about in the paper and on the website source find out about him.

We've got a bunch of guys here that probably in the future will be included in our young influentials group and a lot of you in the audience as well. It's really fun putting it together and seeing the exciting things that are going on in San Diego county through sources like CommNexus and EvoNexus which is a great incubator for small businesses, especially along the lines of a lot of the things that we're gonna talk about today.

So I think what would probably help me out and help a lot of you out is if we learned a little bit about these five guys that are up here and about their companies and what they do. So we're going to start down at the end. Scott, why don't you kick it off and tell us a little bit about your company?

Thanks, StayClassy. We provide online funding software for non-profit organizations. We power over 2,500 organizations worldwide, including some local non-profits in town, arts, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and then larger ones like Oxfam, City of Hope, and others.

 The Bump Network is actually two different consumer and commercial businesses. is effectively our version of 2.0, twice the benefits, half the cost, and it's tied into a really unique viral marketing campaign around your claim license plate to see where your car has been and at the same time you sell a AAA card.

And, the Bump Network, which is our commercial division, is a software as a service to allow any company with large membership groups to provide membership management software and data monetization. So our largest client has about 17 million customers and smaller clients have about 10 to 15,000 users.

Great. Hello everyone, my name is Steven Cox, CEO of TakeLessons. And we give music lessons in 3,000 cities all across the U.S. The key to what we build out a web services platform that allows us to vet and scale on a large nationwide basis. We're based down in San Diego downtown and have about 93 employees.

I'm Jimi Hendricks and I'm a full parent. So, I run Deal Current Network. The easiest way to provide is; how many people know Groupon, Living Social pretty much everyone, good or bad. We have a platform for media companies. So if you actually bought a deal off San Diego Magazine, NBC San Diego, through, you're actually going through our software platform, so we sell deals for media companies and help power their back office and commerce support.

And we do it for 100 media companies in the US, everywhere from San Diego, Buffalo, to Miami, so. Good morning. My name I started a company called CoolerEmail a long time ago. Maybe you've heard of that. But about four, five years ago we started a new company called that is the synthesis of CRM, email marketing, project management, and management all the things that businesses normally do on a regular basis.

But we're a web-based platform that makes it easier for businesses to operate. So we save time from not having to integrate a lot of pieces of software into one platform. And we also save them money from not having to buy a lot of different subscriptions and we help share information so the sales people have access to event data, e-mail marketing data, website traffic data, everything all integrated into one platform.

We power up 200 different companies, their software, their operations, their marketing and we send them a little over a billion emails a year, or for the e-mail marketing component. We don't fill out any spam. We do all permisson-based marketing.