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(Nadav is my buddy and CEO of

Nadav Wilf asks on Facebook: What is your definition of success and what’s your relationship to it??
  • Stefania Andra I’d like to call our relationship successful so that answers the second part of the question as well 🙂 hehe
  • Julien Brandt Easy: It’s strictly based on how much money you make… 😉 haha JK for me its all about being able to lead a balanced life and feeling complete. My relationship to success?!?… I would say I am “dating” success. Having fun and excited about the possibilities.
  • Peter Bennett Eternal happiness and complete acceptance of the way things are. Gotta ways to go
  • Taryn Tieck happiness..
  • XTha TSit success: having a positive impact. relationship: golden “D
  • Allison Hillstrom Enlightenment
  • Matty Vee Peace of mind
  • Renee Kushnir Being fully present and fully fulfilled 🙂
  • Bianca Jaime Having peace and love in everything that I do. Love u bud! Xo
  • Rosalena Famania knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others.
  • Julio Garcia II Setting goals and then going after those goals. Doesn’t matter if u win or lose.
  • Micha Mikailian Success for me is fostering breakthroughs in leadership, performance, and community.
  • Nicholas Totah Inner peace, awareness, purpose.
  • Steven Cox Such a loaded question. There’s the definition I am still tied to, then the definition that I aspire to live by. I strive to make those differing definitions eventually into just one.

How about you?

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