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Baby Girls and Startups

By April 19, 2014Life Lessons

Last week, I had an email exchange with Merrick Lozano of I’ve known Merrick for many years and enjoyed watching him grow his company while also building a family.


I asked him about how he was enjoying his new baby girl. I don’t have kids now and often wondered just how some entrepreneurs manage the balance of a growing company – which takes and extraordinary amount of time – and balancing family. Here’s the email thread:

Steven: Hey Merrick – thanks for the advice. Hope all is well. How’s the family?

Merrick: It’s awesome! Just enjoying the new baby, she’s almost 3 months now.

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Steven: Unbelievable! Congrats my brother! I’m FINALLY thinking about what it would be like to have one…

Merrick: Thank you. 3 girls is a handful!  🙂

Babies are amazing, my first one gave new meaning to my life.  They are rewarding and a ton of work. I am blessed to have a wife who wants to stay home so that makes it a lot easier. I think there’s a big valley from bachelor to papa, and a wonderful woman makes it easy to get to the other side… Honestly, I don’t think anyone is actually prepared to be a first time parent. But, much like a first time founder, you just become incredibly motivated to succeed. Nothing goes as planned, but in the end, it’s worth it.
Steven: Wise words, my friend. Certainly gives me something to chew on.
I guess having children is similar to doing a startup in that you’re never quite all the way ready, nothing goes as planned, you need a strong team to succeed, and, in the end, it’s worth the sacrifice.
Thanks Merrick. I needed that.
Comment below: what’s been your experience with balancing home and work?