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Spending Time With Incredible People

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The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who was drained. It seemed that all of the people in her life were requiring more energy than what she had to give. It was sucking her energy dry.

She told me that she needed to make a change. She needed to limit her time with the energy-suckers and spend more time with energy-givers.

But she felt guilty.

Guilty that she was letting her friends down. Guilty for not 'being there'.

It occured to me that there are a lot of people that, quite frankly, don't want the help. They just need for other to feel their pain.

They don't want to change. They don't want to solve their delimma. They just need other people's energy.

My theme for 2011 is to have "incredible experiences with incredible people". This allows me to make an easy choice.

Is the person I'm speaking with an incredible person? 

Do they take, and keep taking, or do they give back? Are they committed to growing as a person and contributing to the betterment of society? Are they self-serving, or do they understand the power of being of service to others?

All of us have the capacity to be incredible, but not everyone decides to be.

I decided that I don't have the energy to give it to people who don't give back (this is different than people who "cannot" give back). And this gives me a clear answer with no guilt. Personally, I want to spend my time with people who want to press forward instead of living in the past. I want to spend my time with incredible people.



Design You Life. Find the Flow.

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I wrote this on a napkin in Amsterdam last week while contemplating:


Say 'yes' more often.

Yes to Life. 

Challenge your barriers.

Live outside your comfort zone.

Seek out novel experiences.

Make people's day. Bring them into your world.

Remember that you have a path – a natural flow.

Find it. Design it. Drive it.

Yet, design in time to float.

To explore.

To be, without trying.

To surrender without wanting.

To breathe without thinking.


Staying Motivated

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I keep track of all of my goals and look at them daily. At the bottom of my goal sheet, I have the following reminders and hints taken from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Steven Cox, and others. Sometimes, I'll be reading them and one will jump out at me, and be just the thing I need to press a little harder and find a way to hit my goals.


  • Practice crtainty in the face of fear
  • Develop the habit of focusing on what's right instead of what's wrong. Be positive about finding a solution.
  • Commit to seven straight days of only positive, good thoughts. Do not allow myself to hold a negative thought.
  • Decide to be curious instead of judgmental
  • Find something to appreciate in every challenge. Respect and use the pain to my benefit.
  • If I commit to continuous improvement, then each day and week and month gets better and better.
  • Decide not to be perfect. Just commit to doing better.
  • Develop my faith. As I believe, so it is created.
  • Information * Focus = My Reality. Change what I focus on and change the quality of information, and I change my reality
  • "You never know what's possible until you attempt the impossible"
  • The more clear I can be on exactly what I want, the better I can find the people and information that will help me get there
  • A dream, coupled with an unrelenting will to attain it, is a reality with an eminent bearing. It simply will happen.