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Changing from Lead Gen to Community

By August 1, 2007August 31st, 2012Start-Ups

Today is a great day.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on changing our site from a lead generation site to a community site. While I won’t get into the details (for competitive reasons), the plan is strategic, thought-out, a gigantic risk, but focused on long-term growth.

Today, I was able to tell our thousands of lead-generation customers that we are able to GIVE THEM FREE LEADS!!! We’ve found other ways to make money, so we’re foregoing this revenue – and truly working on building a community of creative enthusiasts.

It feels so good to see a plan come together – with the technical delivery dates come in right as scheduled. We’ve totally converted the site from .NET to LINUX / PHP. In the interim, we’ve stripped out 60% of the code and threw away features that our users didn’t care about.

One thing I’m learning is that it seems to have taken us 18 months of listening, conversing, and collaborating with our users before we had a grasp of what they wanted. Now, we look forward to giving it to them.

It’s just so liberating to think think that we can be on the same side as our best customers . This totally rocks!

The site is going down this weekend – coming back with a new front page on Monday…