Last Updated: 11/18/17

Here are some of the best posts I’ve found on a range of topics dealing with Startups.

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Board Meetings

Thanks to my investor, Webb Investor Network (Maynard Webb’s investing arm) for this list

Blogging and Content Marketing – Production

How to start a professional blog: 10 tips for new bloggers

A 3-step process to help you curate content and build a list off your blog

How to publish like a big content team when it’s only you

A Simple Content Marketing Case Study that Works – by Jay Baer

Building Social and Web Products

Market Networks. A combination of marketplaces and networks. By James Currier, a really smart dude.

How to design successful social products with 3 habit-forming feedback loops

How to solve the cold-start problem for social products

How to create a profitable Freemium startup (spreadsheet model included!)

What’s your viral loop? Understanding the engine of adoption

How to calculate cost-per-acquisition for startups relying on freemium, subscription, or virtual items biz models

The highest ROI way to increase signups: Make a minimal homepage

Video: Making Something People Love – Renowned entrepreneur and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, will inspire you to think of unique ways to connect with your customers, and to build a community of users who want your business to succeed.

How to Get Meaningful Customer Feedback During Product Development – a great article that any aspiring Product Manager should read.

An in-depth look at The Network Effect by Andreesen Horowitz


A comprehensive reading list for and by designers

The Big List: 40 Design and Prototyping Resources

Startup Directory

Startup Stash – A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup


The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Growth Strategy / Growth Hacking

Why Most Companies Fail at Moving Up or Down Market – by Brian Balfour

Market – Product Fit – by Brian Balfour

Inside the 6 Hypotheses that Doubled Patreon’s Activation – by Brian Balfour

The ONLY Metric That Matters – by Josh Elman (good dude from Greylock Partners)

How to Hire

Best Practices on Hiring for a Startup (Powerpoint download by Jacqueline Duncan – GM of – presented at the SofTech VC CEO conference. Used with permission)

Worthless Questions No Interviewer Should Ask by Dharmesh Shah, CEO of Hubspot

Leadership Secrets

Six Habits of Remarkably Likable People

Making Decisions Under Uncertainty

How to be an Impactful Engineering Leader

Marketing and Growth

Marketing your App in the App Store

The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy – explains all the basics of digital marketing that you need.   – A curated directory of marketing resources & tools

A great guide on developing a kick-ass content marketing strategy

7 Rules for A/B Testing That Triple Conversion Rates

115 Inbound Marketing Resources

Driving Traffic Through Facebook

Developing a real content marketing strategy

19 Growth tips for SAAS and Ecommerce companies

19 Linkbuilding strategies that work

How to use slideshare for content amplification

How to Find And Hire Writers For Your Blog

2016 Mobile Growth Handbook

The definitive guide to YouTube and video SEO – by Brian Dean

What we learned about YouTube Ranking Factors – Brian Dean

SEO Tools 2017 Edition – by Brian Dean

Guide to Increasing Website Traffic – by Brian Dean

Most highly recommended copywriting books – by Nick Laight

16 Reasons Why Startups Fail at SEO

How to Build a Great Email List

Another good article on building an email list


TakeLessons is known as a two-sided marketplace – meaning, we’ve created a platform where two parties (a buyer and seller) transact business. Here are articles I’ve found helpful about creating and growing marketplace models.

Core Principles of Online Marketplaces by Jeff Jordan (Andreessen Horowitz)


Why you should give before you get

On Becoming a Good CEO

5 traits of the best growth-stage CEOs

Personal Growth

The Seven Step Evening Ritual That Will Make You Happier

Product Development

Slack’s Founder Shares Their Epic Launch Strategy – good article to think about when building your product. Touches on the importance of testing and listening.

The Purpose of Minimum Viable Products – good article by the Father of the Lean movement, Eric Reis

On Product Management – a download from the team at Intercom. (I had originally linked to the download, but Intercom told me I couldn’t share it with other founders – so, I recommend you use another company besides Intercom, such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, Drift, or Hubspot.)

User Onboarding: A great site from a a pro.

Create Animation Videos – great for training, intros, marketing.

Gamification for your site – adds virality and engagement

Raising Money

A good playbook for SAAS companies raising money

Guy Kawasaki’s Startup Pitch Deck

Remote Workers

Building a Remote Worker Culture:


A delightful group of notes and actionable advice from Startup School.

Y-Combinator’s Handshake Deal Protocol. This is a guide to getting clear between investors and Founders on moving a deal forward.

Playing in the Right Business Zone Marcelo Calbucci of EveryMove outlines eight ‘zones of opportunity’ he thinks startups and VCs should use when determining the scale of a business

Startup Documents

Here’s the Y-Combinator Simple Agreement for Future Equity document. It’s company favorable and set up to take the place of convertible notes. I’ve personally never used it, but understand its merit.

Selling Your Company

The Founders Guide to Selling Your Company – by the Y-Combinator guys

Speaking and Presenting

How To Present Like Tony Robbins

What Presenters Can Learn From Steve Jobs

3 Steps to Leveraging Storytelling in Your Presentations

Why Great Presentations Require Tension and Discovery

Where Technology is Heading

Interesting Online Video Trends