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Benjamin Zandler Persuades You to Fall in Love with Classical Music

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Benjamin Zandler, motivational speaker and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, gives a fabulous TED talk to persuade the audience to fall in love with classical music.

He explains that everyone can hear and no one is tone deaf. He then plays a piece by Chopin and helps you identify impulses and chord progressions – ending in a final resolve.

While I don't LOVE classical music, there's nothing better to calm the mind than a classical piece in a minor chord. It just helps me chill out.

Give it a view. It's an enjoyable presentation that leads the viewer through high points and low points, ending in a call to let the music move you to understand it. He then explains how it has helped him understand the value of helping others see their own abilities and capturing the spark in their eyes.

Well worth the 20 minute watch!



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