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business development - Steven Cox | San Diego, CA

Strategic Partnerships with Big Companies

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Recently, our company has been fortunate enough to strike deals with channel partners that should help us in our quest to become the "Starbucks of Music Lessons". Starting in August, TakeLessons will be giving in-store lessons in conjunction with our partners. The service will provide certified TakeLessons local music instructors to thousands of kids and adults throughout the country. Partners include:

From a business perspective, cutting strategic deals is part art coupled with a ton of hard work. The video below walks you through some of the things we've learned over the past 2 years while negotiating with our partners. Main points include:

  • Have persistence
  • Focus on providing true value for the partner
  • It's a long process getting to yes. Don't get discouraged.
  • Build multiple relationships inside the channel partner
  • Get a good legal team
  • Don't spend cash until the deal is signed

Working with Larger Companies

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“What’s in it for them?” As the little guy, you’ll probably get quite a lift by structuring a deal with a large company. New links, good press, etc. So, you know what’s in it for you. But when you’re pitching the deal, always think about the other company. What benefit are you bringing to the table that they simply do not have, or would be to costly to build/buy. Show how these assets can make their site/company a better product.

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