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Good Business Advice

Each week at, I ask my employees a question.┬áThis activity gives us time together as a group and helps us all get to know each other better. We always ask questions that are structured around developing community within the company. Last week, I asked “What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?” Here were some of their responses:


“Back in elementary and middle school, I used to compete a lot in speech and poetry reading contests. My dad, who was my speech coach, always advised me not to fixate on my competitors and instead focus on myself. For this reason, during the competition, once someone completed an excellent performance, my mantra before taking the stage was: ‘while they are good, I’m better.’ As an adult, I cherish his advice more than ever as it is easy to get distracted by your surroundings”


“Aside from the common ‘invest and diversify’ (I think over the next 10 to 20 years Quantum dots and MRAM are going to become very important technologies), an insightful friend of mine once said (and I hope I don’t misrepresent this) that he believes that everyone always makes the best decisions based on what they know at the time.

He was describing some of the stupid decisions I’ve made in the past, but I still think it’s an important message of understanding and forgiveness.”


“Don’t take things too seriously.”


“Don’t try to get every single person you meet to like you. Just like you don’t naturally like everyone you meet, everyone won’t necessarily like you. Save time and energy by just being yourself. (Of course, rules of civility still apply).”


“To quote Conan O’Brien..”



“Sometimes you have to be small to be BIG.”


“Todo a su tiempo, meaning everything at it’s time.”


“Start saving your money early.”

Personally, some of the best advice I have ever received were the following:

don't half-ass things

  • “Thoughts ARE things. What you think about, you manifest.”
  • “The past and the future don’t exist..only the present matters.”
  • “Better to be kind than to be right.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever heard?