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Keep Running

I just got back from a five mile run along San Diego’s waterfront. The sun was out, the skies clear, and The Chemical Brothers blasted at perfect volume through my iPod.

Yet, for whatever reason, I struggled. Every step was difficult, and every mile challenging.

A few times, I felt like stopping and taking a breather underneath one of the giant sycamore’s.

But, I didn’t. I just kept running.

Not as fast as normal, not as fluid as others that passed me. At time, I had to slow down the pace. But I just kept running.

As I rounded my last turn and headed for my finish, I realized that my business is a lot like my running.

Sometimes it’s easy and fluid. Other time, each step feels like climbing a mountain.

So many others get winded, other get frustrated, and they quit – never experiencing the sheer joy of overcoming. But if you just keep running, you’ll eventually round that last turn and be able to cross your own finish line.

Just Keep Running…