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.NET to LINUX conversion

By August 13, 2007August 31st, 2012Web and Tech

Last weekend, we completed the move on our site,, from .NET ASP to LINUX/PHP. We did this to take advantage and contribute to the open source community and to prepare for scalability down the road.

The initial results are showing that our site is running about 60% faster now. Here is a comparison chart of three main pages of our site and the size before and after. Overall, it’s a 25% savings site-wide on performance. If you take into account that we are now showing more pictures on the "City-Category" page, we think the savings is more like 35-45%.

Some have said that it’s faster because the pages are smaller. This is partially true. But overall, we were able to get the same functionality with less code. Everything is tighter. Even after you take page size into account in the calculations, the site runs faster.

I can’t say whether it helps other sites or not. What I can say is that it helped our site. Speed is great, but just as important for me (as the business guy) was the costs as the site scales.